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Who are We

Cycling Nepal

Cycling Nepal is a dedicated group of cyclists and adventurers from Nepal who offer their love of cycling and adventure to those that appreciate the same thing! We are adventures lover just like you, and we're always looking for new adventure experiences - just like you. That's why we turned our attention to Nepal, a land of countless new experiences, trails and villages to explore but with local insights. The 'office' for Cycling Nepal is in the center of Kathmandu, Thamel. It bears no resemblance to the large corporate travel companies you may have seen, those who sell bike tours along with Cruises or Disney World vacations and we have what is needed to be equally efficient. Cycling Nepal specializes in mountain biking throughout Nepal & Tibet, with additional blended adventures like trekking, whitewater rafting, kayaking and canyoning etc. For years the Cycling Nepal Team has lead the way in what many people have called the best mountain biking in the world. Agreed, that can be easily rolled out cliché but it is in the 'minds-eye' of the person taking the journey.... and this is what we have been told countless time and of course we love hearing it! We’ve pioneered new regions to keep pace with the surge in the sport and the demands for new terrain that appeal to all levels of bikers. Once upon a time, anywhere within 20-kms of Kathmandu's ring road was great biking, but development has changed that and new roads have moved deeper into the mountains opening new trails and with it exciting itineraries. Many of which have been used as the benchmark by others throughout the rich cultural mosaic and wildly diverse terrain of the Nepal, Indian and Tibetan Himalayas and well beyond. I am sure you'd rather go cycling with those out riding every week rather than those just selling a ticket and on-selling tours from behind a desk! Every vacation should be well planned, fun and exciting. We offer that & can customise your tour if required. We aim to exceed your expectations and this is the goal of our team at Cycling Nepal.

Why to Choose us

Thinking small, Thinking local

We make travel meaningful by thinking small, thinking local and thinking about what benefits the traveler.

The Personal Touch

From arrival to departure we are with you, as needed.

Personalize Trip

We design your trip whilst adding our expertise on what works best.

Tested Itineraries

Itineraries are fully checked and tested – even first time new routes.

Road Less Traveled

We look for the ‘road less traveled’ with local insights- witness local cultures/ quality authentic homestay/ home cooked meals etc

Responsible Travel

Our tours must meet ‘responsible tourism’ standards where nature / cultures are not abused or ill-treated.