A 7-days and 6 nights fully guided Mountain Biking Tour in the Foothills that surrounds the Kathmandu Valley. Approximate 150km/94Miles (without optional ride). We also offer 10-14 Days Mountain Biking options.
2016/2017 Departure Dates:
Arrival/Departure dates from Kathmandu
  • 1st & 3rd Monday each month
Group Size: Max14 members
(4 members needed to run this trip)
  • Guided Mountain Bike Tour
  • Hindu & Buddhist Experience.
  • In Country Transfers.
  • All Lodging.
  • Dinners x 2 (arrival & final day)
  • Transfer Panchkhal to Dhulikhel
  • Transfer Sisneri to Kathmandu
  • Fully Experienced Guide.
  • Luggage transfer on 3rd Day
  • Nepal Visa
  • Departure Taxes
  • Vehicle Support (optional US$120 per day for one vehicle).
  • Lunch & Dinners.
  • Soft or Alcoholic Beverages.

Kathmandu is Nepal’s largest city, and its capital. A lake once filled the Kathmandu Valley and ancient myth tells of the monk Manjushri draining the lake with his sword. Today the unique topography of this valley - ringed by small hills and dotted with villages - offers the mountain biker endless areas to explore without ever leaving the relative comfort of the capital city. In addition, the Kathmandu Valley is the historic center of Nepal.

In the Kathmandu Valley, are four great towns: Kathmandu, Patan, Kurtipur and Bhaktapur. They were all once independent kingdoms with powerful kings who encouraged the construction of temples and the creation of many enduring works of art. Each city centered around the king’s palace, with the nobility and high castes concentrated close to the center. High walls where built to fend off each city’s neighbors. But in 1743, King Prithvi Narayan Shah started a conquest that would unify the different states into one within 15 years.

Today a 6, 8 or 10* day tour with generally 7 days of cycling plus 2 days of optional rafting is available. This is a similar tour to Kathmandu Valley Rim Tour in that it visits many of the same destinations & sights and has been designed for the mountain biker looking for more of a challenge. It offers more single trail and cycling that’s within the ability of most intermediate to Interm+ bikers & thus generally requires more bike skills. It will definitely leave you with more skills and a feeling of accomplishment & having seen areas of Kathmandu Valley and beyond the Valley which are rarely seen by those visiting Nepal.

You’ll pass through small mountain villages en-route and still have time in the bustling historic city of Kathmandu, there is plenty of opportunity to meet the incredibly friendly people of this country and absorb their rich culture all within 15 days and you’ll be delighted with the result.

Mountain biking is without doubt the best way to see what the valley has to offer. It’s small enough to become familiar with yet large enough to get lost in, making it an ideal mountain biking adventure. Read More

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