Can I bring my own bike? Does Cycling Nepal rent bikes?

Sure! Not only can you bring your own, We will help you with customs at the airport and provide shuttle service to your hotel. We also provides the latest grade equipment of international standard.

What level of biker should consider a tour?

Cycling Nepal tours are arranged into 4 riding levels for casual, intermediate, intermediate +, and advanced. All tours are categorized into these four levels and the pop-up boxes in our calendar will give you an easy 'click & see' reference. Groups are arranged according to your requests.

Is a support vehicle available? Do we have to peddle uphill?

Cycling Nepal tours are arranged with qualified guides on roads and trails very familiar to us. Support vehicles are provided in non remote areas whenever possible and detailed itineraries are provided prior to departure to help determine your level of comfort for the uphill journey's. Of course you're welcome to the ride in the van at any time. Safety is a big concern and Cycling Nepal has 100% safety record on the trails. Be careful getting in and out of the support vehicle though!

Can we bike to Everest Base Camp or on the Annapurna Circuit?

With over decades of experience in the Himalayas, Cycling Nepal can take you anywhere you want to go. Although Everest BC (Tibet North Face) and Annapurna Circuit are popular trekking destinations, biking them are part of our full-on expeditions that are reserved for experienced mountain bikers. If you want to get remote, just inquire here and we'll give you plenty of challenging options.

What will happen if I get sick?

Either you will get better, or if it seems serious you will be taken to an American operated medical clinic, were you'll get excellent attention. On most trips we have a support vehicle available for you. Our staffs are well versed in medical and emergency care and carry a reasonably comprehensive first aid kit.

What will happen if I get injured?

If it is serious (this has never happened). You will again be transferred to the Kathmandu CEWEC International Clinic. If evacuation is required this will be arranged by Cycling Nepal and the clinic. It's advised that if you have any personal doubts you should have evacuation insurance arranged. Cycling Nepal can advise you on this.

Will I get sick?

Not likely. The worst is you may get some diarrhoea or temporary stomach upset. Follow the health advice given in our briefings and you'll be fine.

What is the accommodation like?

This varies between the various styles of our tours. At minimum it will be comfortable, clean and basic 'tea house' accommodation, much like a cottage. These offer basic facilities, many with hot water and showers, good but simple foods and a chance to experience local culture.

There's also deluxe tented accommodations with all services provided and which Nepal is renouned for.

Cyclinh Nepal also has it's own full range of camping and cooking equipment to be sure our standards are maintained Others accommodation includes Hotels and Lodges that vary from Tourist Class to five star resorts. Cycling Nepal always likes to offer accommodations that blend & complement the nature of your tour and do not have that generic 'blah' feeling about them. It also depends on price!

Is there a problem with altitude sickness?

For our Nepal tours there is little likelihood of being subject to altitude sickness, unless you are taking one of our more extreme adventure tours. Kathmandu rests at an altitude of only 1350-m (4430ft) and at this altitude there is no likelihood of altitude related sickness. We'll be advising you well in advance if altitude is an issue. Our Tibet and Ladakh tours do require acclimatization periods and any of our tours needing acclimatization has it built into the itinerary and that comes from decades of experience and the best medical advice….. so don't worry.

What is the food like?

Vegetarian and non-Veg. Good and exactly what you need for energy. The cook will provide anything from pizza to curry, and scrambled eggs to chocolate cake. In hotels you'll have a full menu available to choose from. You will not go hungry and we welcome suggestions.

How cold will it be?

Depends on the season of course and generally it's comfortable riding. Check our 'when to ride' heading and ask for more details based on the tour of your preference. You could be cycling in a T-shirt or with a wind breaker, but mostly the days are fine and the evenings cool to chilly. The Lonely Planet Travel guide also offers a good guide to temperatures throughout the year over a variety of locations in the country

Can I call home or the office?

Kathmandu and many places we visit are linked to a phone system with STD and ISD facilities OR get a local sim card that you can use during your adventure trip in Nepal. In KTM and other major cities there are all the facilities you need including fax, mobile and full internet / e-mail.

How much money do I need?

Hard to say! You may need money for a taxi fare, for a beer, presents and tips. If you do not intend to buy lots of gifts and are not intending to extend your stay, then for a week US$100 should be ample. But have contingency plans (credit card?) just in case. It also depends on your HNB Adventures tour package and what's included.

How hard is it?

You will not like it if you are grossly unfit. However any normal healthy person can manage and ENJOY a Cycling Nepal tour. As long as you feel comfortable on a bike we have a tour to suit your seat……….. even if you want it ALL downhill!

Can I arrange an extension?

Yes, and there is a huge range of great activities that Cycling Nepal can introduce you to. We can assist with trekking and all adventure activities in the region. We also can arrange other activities as such rafting, trekking, canyoning….. you name it. What's most important is that you can manage your departing flights, especially in the peak season when flights are mostly full.

Do I need insurance?

Yes it is advisable to get travel insurance. We can arrange it for you but you must let us know if you want us to. Insurance cover is not automatic and insurance is not included in the trip cost.

What will I need to carry on the ride?

Very little. The crew will follow in one of the support vehicles(In Tibet Trip). The most you will need is water, maybe extra clothing (windbreaker) if the weather is changeable and your camera etc. You should check on this when booking your tour as tours vary and the shorter tours (2 to 3 days) can often operate without vehicle support..

What else do I need to know?

Once you've booked Cycling Nepal will provide a comprehensive "pre departure letter" that will fill in all the gaps plus a 'kit list' and usually a detailed itinerary before your arrival. Please advise us of your special dietary needs, flight details. If you are hiring a Cycling Nepal Bike and wish to use your own saddle, peddles (SPD's) or helmet then bring them along and we'll fit them to our bike.

See ya in Kathmandu ! "A man in a car see's more than he can take in whilst a man on a bike takes in more than he can see"