Physical Demands Rating

Each trip is rated based on its physical demands. This rating will help you to choose a trip that is suitable to your level of fitness and maximize your enjoyment.

Ratings Description

This is aimed at being a relaxing break. You will have to get around on your own, up and down hotel steps and carry your own bag or equipment.

Light to easy walking, hiking and biking that is suitable for most fitness levels.

May include moderate hiking, biking and other activities that require only an average/moderate level of fitness to enjoy. You will raise your heart rate on these trips, so a basic level of aerobic fitness is required. Biking: These trips are suitable for mountain bikers with limited off-road experience. Routes include a mix of quiet roads and forestry tracks, rocky paths and easy single-track.

Be prepared for some serious physical activity. Sustained biking for up to 6-7 hours in a day (with breaks) or may include high altitude hiking of up to 8 hours/day or other activities that require a moderately high level of fitness. Biking: These trips provide an enjoyable challenge for regular weekend bikers with reasonable off-road skills. Longer days and some technical riding with occasional narrow single-track. A support vehicle will not always be available.

High altitude trekking or cycling suitable for those with a high level of fitness and endurance. Even if you're in excellent shape, these trips provide plenty of challenges. Biking: Trips are real challenges for fit and experienced bikers, with some technically demanding single-track ascents and descents and sections where we may have to push or carry our bikes. Biking in remote areas where biking confident is required.